Admin Area

You can login on admin area as Super Admin which has all permissions by using email and password Secret123!

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Code Generator

Starting from defining your database generate model, view, controller, form request, validation, authorization policy, migration, seeder, API, and more!

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You are already on frontend! Check all frontend skeleton pages ready for your next project. You can login ad normal user by creating a new account.


Enriched admin dashboard. It'll blow your mind.

Laraloop has a rich admin dashboard with metrics and filterable real time statistics built as component, so it can be reused for any models you create. Cool right?

Admin Dashboard

Manage, search, and filter like never before. Make it your own!

Laraloop allow you to create interactive table for manage, search, and filter any model with a few clicks.

Manage Users

Managing permissions has now become easy. Checkmate.

Laraloop allows you to manage user permissions and roles in database easily.
{{ $laraloop->can('do this'); }}


Create base project skeleton in few minutes. Really.

Code generator allow you to scaffold base code generator for model, and you can share between your project by exporting and importing single JSON file.

Code Generator

Did you mean autocomplete? Search like a pro.

Autocomplete with fuzzy search or more famous Did you mean? that you saw on Google. Yes, that is possible with Laraloop. Aggregate any model in search result.


Search result details with power of ajax. Yes, for any model!

See all result of your search in a dedicated page with filtering, infinite load, editing, all via ajax, for all models aggregated or single.

Search result

Oh yeah, it’s that good. See for yourself.

Upload and crop user avatar and cover it's funny and simpler with Laraloop.

The possibilities are virtually endless!

I bring to you an easy-to-use starter kit that offers superior usability and customization options. Laraloop comes jam-packed with powerful features as a high quality and very secure PHP enterprise application. Create a top application for your own customer like never before. Take advantage of the responsive, fast, scalable and user-friendly interface. With Laraloop you can create an amazingly addictive and all-inclusive application for your clients. Laraloop is the perfect advanced starter kit creation and management application that comes complete with impeccable customer support and community involvement solutions. Whether you need to build, Laraloop can help you achieve all your goals!

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